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Our waterjet cutting department.

We offer a cutting service on all types of material (ceramic, carbide, laminated compound, glass, metal, stainless steel, steel, plastic, stone, wood, foam, etc.), in the following range of dimensions: Max cut of 5,9″ thickness, 19′ 8″ long and 6′ 6,7″ wide, minimum cut 19.69 thou in.

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Like all EP MECA machines, these waterjet cutting centers allow us to obtain a result of high precision and quality, on great thicknesses or large dimensions.

  • OMAX 5555 waterjet machining center (1 5-axis cutting head up to 9° + divider)
  • OMAX waterjet machining center 80x-1 Series (2 cutting heads 5 axes up to 60°)

By combining the know-how of each manufacturing department of EP MECA, we can work on multiple projects.




Emmanuel PICH, CEO, will be your preferred contact

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